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Spring Detox from Your OWN Kitchen

Spring Tips for Melting Away Winter Build-Up

1. Melting of fats from the winter, enter our blood and liver quickly as soon as it warms up!

2. Some people experience the shift from Winter to Spring with immediate illness such as:

* Cold-like nasal drip down the back of the throat

* Coughs, sneezes, sinus complaints

* Ear pressure issues

* Skin feeling cool and moist

* Symptoms suggesting hay-fever or leaky gut

* "Damp Hots" like the flu

* Heart racing, high blood pressure and or squeezing sensations in the chest

PLEASE NOTE (call 000 first) and always consult a medical professional with any heart complications)

3. IF NO KNOWN ALLOPATHIC CAUSE AFTER CONSULTING A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL of these above symptoms, it may be due to the change of season and the excess congestion in the blood and liver due to melting fats entering the circulatory system.

Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Professional, Please Always Consult Your Medical Professional before commencing any Ayurvedic Treatments, nothing I offer here claims to cure or is Medical Advice!


Avoid foods that are:

* Oily, rich and sweet, salty or sour

* Especially when feeling heavy or sluggish

* Especially when above symptoms are experienced

2. Eat more Bitter, Pungent and Astringent Foods

(Seasonal Eating ONLY IF YOUR Dosha's are balanced).

3. Do more heating exercise before 6am

4. Do Pranayama and Yoga with faster movement

5. Use a Netti Pot with warm, salty water, followed by a Nasia Oil each am

6. Use a dry body brush and Kapha oils for body treatments in am B4 shower

7. Keep warm, eat and drink warm foods and beverages.

8. Eat seasonally, the answers for food to balance you can be found in Nature!

NAMASKAR, Sarah Hodgson, Ayurvedic Practitioner

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