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If you can breathe you can do yoga!

Many may shy away from the idea of yoga due to the impression that it's just another sport that requires flexibility, strength, class attendance and a whole lot of tight clothing and designer labelled yoga attire.

It is my aim to share the true goal of YogiAll, which is to provide access for all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities either in a class setting or for those that prefer, a solo session at a location of your preference, this may be by zoom for those living remotely, at a convenient indoor location or ultimately in the outdoors as the weather permits!

Sarah has studied with the yoga school The Yoga Impact Charity (TYIC) and Body Heart & Mind, Sydney, which provided the most incredible foundation for understanding in how to design classes that are specifically Trauma Informed.


Maybe yoga for you begins with breathing in the chair, with light movement for rehabilitation or accessibility suited to your needs. It may start in a hospital bed with breath and movement where possible. Yoga may be on a mat in your lounge room, at work during a break or in the outdoors. We are flexible and open to work with you where you feel most comfortable, taking into consideration safety and your current health position.

If you are interested in what this wonderful charity is doing for communities in need please click here

Sarah's training has had strong links to scientific research and evidence of yoga improving the lives of those impacted by trauma and she is able to design programs for many diverse situations within the community. 


Yoga programs can be developed for refugees, domestic violence survivors, sexual abuse survivors, defense force workers, healthcare workers, children of all ages, those suffering from stress and anxiety due to mental or physical trauma (in utero, post-partum, surgery and or illness, accidents  relating to the individual or those close to the individual), eating disorders and body image concerns, anger management, attention and focus difficulties, disassociation and body disconnection as well as overall health maintenance for strength, muscle toning and development, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, mindfulness, self-kindness and overall self-awareness and consciousness.

Please contact Sarah to discuss how she can help you with your specific goals, she is happy to tailor a plan suitable for your needs.


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