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About Us

Ayurveda means

"science of life knowledge" 

Ayurveda + Yoga = Sister Sciences

Ayvea and YogiAll Practitioner Sarah, trained with Dr Prathibha (Medical Dr. & Surgeon, Ayurvedic Dr. BAMS, based in Kerala, India) and Dr Nair (BAMS, Kerala, India).


Yoga Impact Charity

200 Hrs Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training

20 Hrs Yoga Training

Australian Yoga Kids Training

20 Hrs Children's Yoga.


Sarah specializes in Ayurvedic and Yoga programs, offering Dosha (body constitution) Analysis (including pulse diagnosis), Ayurveda Day Spa Therapies (including warm herbalised oils) and individualized yoga sequences, with a trauma informed lense, including chair, bed and mat Yoga.

Sarah also teaches the Integration of Ayurvedic Cooking with a Western approach, to Enhance Yoga Practice, to address Chronic Health Conditions and for Promotion of Healthy, Immunity Building and Everyday Living.

She looks forward to sharing with and empowering you to help support YOU in becoming YOUR OWN health advocate, perhaps working collaboratively and complementarily with other natural health specialists and or allopathic health professionals.

A FREE 15-minute “Dip Your Toe In,” Ayurvedic Discovery Appointment is available or for a more detailed consultation online or in person please contact her.

Our Story

Ayurveda and yoga find you at the time of your life when you need it the most!

Sarah openly and willingly shares how these two modalities helped her avoid thyroid surgery and with a trauma informed lens, learnt to understand the root cause of her health complications, she looks forward to exploring how they might be just what you're looking for.

With a mental health and community nursing background, an understanding of the medical model, somatic therapy, neurology, psychology, counselling and nutrition, personal training and medicinal garden design and growing, as well as Vastu Shustra house design principles, she looks forward to working with what resonates and meeting you where you are today!

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